Applications for Blinex™ Sintered Porous Plastic Filter products

The range of applications for sintered porous plastics is extensive, and expanding daily. Some of these include:

  • Water Air/Gas Filtration

A classic application for sintered porous plastics. A depth filter which can be moulded or cut exactly to the desired shape and size - washable and available from FDA approved polymers.

  • Silencing/Venting

Sound can be attenuated (eg on pneumatic exhaust ports) to safe levels while venting exhaust gases safely to the atmosphere. Ingress of extraneous matter is also prevented.

  • Fluidisation

Using Blinex™  porous sheets typically >4.5mm thick (eg in hoppers and powder transport systems) a uniform distribution of air which is pressurised from below allows for even fluidisation / aeration of powders above the plate.

  • Wicking

By capillary action, liquids will travel along the pores of our porous plastic, transporting it to the required destination at a controllable rate. Used in medical diagnostic tests and equipment, and also fragrance release applications.

  • Medical & Diagnostic

Most of our products are available from FDA approved polymers and are suitable for various medical applications eg self-sealing hospital vacuum canister filter valves, and filtration of bodily fluids.

  • Syringe vents

Another application of our self-sealing material: The self-sealing plug seals immediately upon contact with blood, preventing withdrawal of excess blood and the potential risk of the blood contact to healthcare workers.

  • Pipette filters

A naturally hydrophobic porous plastic disc is used in air displacement pipette tips, allowing air to be withdrawn while preventing air born particles from entering the pipettor. The hydrophobic nature of the material resists the flow of excess fluid once the tip is filled. The possibility of cross-contamination between samples is also reduced.

  • Chromatography Frits

In the preparation of samples for chemical analysis, our material is used in disc form as a support for the active sorbent media in columns. The pore size is selected to ensure particle retention while maximising flow rates. Recommended materials are HDPE & UHMW PE, available in hydrophobic or hydrophilic form.


  • Super-hydrophobic / Oleophobic Frits

These are used typically during protein precipitation to support organic solvents such as acetonitrile. The solvent / serum is supported above the hydrophobic frit prior to the solution being drawn through the filter frit by vacuum. (see surface modified materials)

  • Fragrance Release

Using capillary action to draw fragrance solutions from a reservoir, the pore size, component size and geometry can be carefully selected to control the release of fragrance into the atmosphere.

  • Bacterial Barrier

Our finer materials (fine grade in >4.0mm thickness, ultra-fine grade in all thicknesses) provide an effective barrier to bacteria in many applications (typically to an efficiency of >99.9%). Please note it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure suitability for use of any of our materials through their own application-specific testing.

  • Battery Vents / Flame Arrestors

Possibly the first industrial use of porous plastics is in the application of battery vents / flame arrestors. These filters (typically a small circular porous disc) are selected to have sufficient permeability to allow the escape of Hydrogen during an over-charging situation, while preventing leakage of battery fluids and the possibility of explosion from an external ignition source. Polymers used include PE & PP.

  • Sensor Protection

Delicate sensor equipment may be protected behind our porous plastic material. While allowing the movement of gases between both sides of the material the porous plastic can protect the sensor from physical damage and dust / liquid contamination.

  • Overflow Protection filters

Our self-sealing materials provide a dual-purpose safety valve (eg in hospital vacuum canisters) by preventing upstream contamination in vacuum systems and also preventing flow when in contact with liquid (ie when the canister is full).

  • Vacuum hold down

Our porous sheet materials (typically >4.5mm thick) are used to hold down work pieces in precision cutting / machining operations. A vacuum is applied to the under-surface of the sheet, holding objects placed on the working side of the sheet steady during machining.

Blinex™  technical staff possess experience in product development and manufacture in all of the above fields, and many more. In addition, Blinex™  specialise in working with our clients in developing new applications, and in prototyping new designs. Please call us or e mail us today to discuss your projects.