Fluorocarbon Coated Studs , Nuts and Washers
BLINEX FILTER-COAT PVT LTD offers a superb quality range of PTFE Coated Studs which are widely acclaimed for their long service life.

These products are coated with Fluoro polymer / Fluorocarbon / PTFE and are used with the 2H nuts on the B7 studs.

These Fluorocarbon Coated Fasteners are extensively used in the Valves which are used in offshore equipments

  • Low friction ( as low as 0.055)
  • Remarkable adhesion
  • Unusual resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to chipping
  • Resistance to the elements: weather, sunlight, salt water
  • Working temperature range from: -100 ° Cto + 260° C
  • Available in a wide range of colours : Blue , Red , Green ..

Technical Specifications:

Use Temperatures
Corrosion Resistance
Pencil Hardness
Kinetic Friction Coefficient
Tensile Strength
Operating Pressure
Working temp. range up to + 260°C
Salt Spray (ASTM B117) up to 3,000 hrs (Nuts not frozen)
5H – 6H (ASTM D3363-92A)
0.06 – 0.08
Nominal 0.001” (1 mil)
160 in lb (ASTM D2794-93)
5B (ASTM D3359-95)
4,000 psi
Up to 100,000 psi