PTFE Coated Springs
We are involved in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of PTFE Coated Springs that are highly required and utilised among various industries.

Our range of coating done on springs is highly corrosion resistant and improves in the super load bearing capacities for longer period of time and strength.

These coatings are available in different colours and finishes to suit the requirement of different industrial clients.

A major application area is in the automotive, chemical, textile, electric etc. industry where these TEFCOT coatings give corrosion resistance and ensure correct tensioning from the applied assembly torque.


Less than half the effort is required to drive home a PTFE / Fluoropolymer coated wood screw than would be required to drive home the same screw without the coating.

This claim is confirmed independently in tests on plain metal, waxed and PTFE / Fluoropolymer coated screws, which were conducted by two leading screw manufacturers, one in Denmark, and the other in the United Kingdom.

Screw Tested Screwing Moment

Plain Metal 0.163 kg. m Waxed 0.130 Kg. m
PTFE / Fluoropolymer Coated 0.0666 kg. m

The improvements offered by PTFE / Fluoropolymer are so great that aluminium screws, which normally shear when driven into Yugoslavian beech, suffer no such fate if they are coated with PTFE / Fluoropolymer.

Costing only marginally more than the uncoated screw the coated version can be made in a variety of colors including bronze, which because PTFE / Fluoropolymer is an efficient rust preventative could simplify many aspects of carpentry providing a corrosion resistant finish. The increased speed with which the screws can be driven home has already been welcomed in the furniture industry.

Typical Application:
Coatings for small components like automotive parts, bearings, camera parts, clippers, clock parts, connectors, drills (power, hand), electronic insulators (buss, cap, pin, post, switch, suspension), gears, hinges and pins, instruments, marine hardware, nails, needles, pencil sharpeners, piston rings, springs, tractor parts, typewriters, washers, zipper slides.