ptfe COATED Bipolar Forceps/ Scissors / Knifes
BLIONTM - PTFE Coating on Unipolar or Bipolar forceps / scissors / knifes.

Low voltage electrical current-distribution on the medical apparatus, while operating by the doctor causes considerable risk in damaging the other parts of the body, to overcome this remedy insulated medical apparatus are specifically coated with PTFE thick powder.

The temperature resistance is upto –50 Degree C to +150 Degree C and it can be sterilized or Autoclaved

Non-Stick CoatingAll our Bipolar Forceps are coated with a non-stick technology, preventing tissue build-up

  • Metals can be insulated, decorated, self-lubricated and protected from chemicals.
  • Withstands impact force and elongation upto 30%.
  • Wide color range
  • Thickness from 250 to 500 microns.
  • Any articles of intricate configurations can be processed.
  • Non-stick, Non-toxic, Electrical insulation, Anti-static and Release-surface.
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals and solvents.


Its applicable on Unipolar and Bipolar Current (Electricity) for medical parts.

Application Various End Uses:

Medical surgical parts like forceps, seizers, Door Handle, Wheel of valves, grills, Reaction Vessels, Agitators, Flanges, Absorbers, Stirrers, Valves, Reducers, Thermo wells, Pumps, Bends, Tees, Heat Exchangers, Boiler Dish End, Autoclaves, Charging Covers, Nuclear parts, Large diameter pipes, impellers, Heating Coils, Spindles, Dip-tubes, Manway Covers, Sight Glasses, Pressure Filters, Steam Ejectors, Process Control Equipment, Centrifuge Housings, Floats, Springs, Mushrooms etc.

Important Notes: For cost working furnish drawing / dimension along with temperature and chemical specification. All metals, which have previously undergone chemical exposure, must be decontaminated and cleaned prior to shipment.