Yarn Oil Porous Plastic Lubricator
We have introduced first time in India the above product in year 1980 and it is performing excellent.

This yarn oiling device is used in Apollo head container for high speed TFO (two for one twisting machine).

By just putting one piece on each spindle which will give a tremendous advantage.

  • Filter the finest suspended particle and will not allow water and oil to pass through the air.
  • Available from 5 to 250 microns
  • Withstand pressure up to 200 PSI.
  • Temperature up to 800C.
  • The new element includes lower unit cost, lower rejection from incoming inspections and simplified handling, chemical resistant, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.
  • Filter the finest suspended particles.
  • Sterilization by any steam

Advantages :
  • Less hairiness of the yarn
  • less fly and fluff liberations
  • Fewer end breaks
  • high twisting speed
  • less lubricant consumption
  • less co-efficient of friction
  • increase in production efficiency
  • easy to use and maintain