BLINEX FILTER COAT PVT LTD head office and Works is located in Mumbai , India.

We have more than 38+ years of experience in Industrial Coating and Manufacturing of Porous Plastic Filter Elements and Components .

Commenced in the year 1975, along with the guidance of our MD and Chairman Mr Ratnapal D Dhami who is a high level Technocrat in the filed of Corrosion Protection and Filtration expertise in Chemistry Post-graduation with Business Administration and a Post Graduate in Polymer Technology from UK.

As we present this scenario today, Mr. Ratnapal D Dhami made his strength multifactorial through his son joining the industry in the year 2003 with his enthusiasm and youthfulness.

Mr. Kirtan R Dhami has completed his graduation in Production Engineering from K J Somaiya College of Engineering, Master of Business Administration in Marketing Division, Diploma in Plastic Industries from UK and Undergone a certified course of NACE International Mumbai Section for Paint and Coating Inspection.

Mr Kirtan R Dhami has submitted 5 Technical paper Presentation in International Symposiums held in India and International Level and His articles have also been published in 9 Magazines Till now - 2 at American International Industrial Magazines viz Fastener Technology International and Wire Mesh International And 7 at Indian Industrial Magazines.

We are proud to introduce ourselves Since 1975 as one of the pioneers and Industry Leaders for Coating Application of PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) / Fluoropolymer / Fluorocarbon / Polyamide - Rilsan®/ ECTFE - Halar® Coating and Linings on Industrial Components, Fasteners used in Offshore and Valve Industries , Textile Rollers machinery parts , Food / Bakery Moulds , Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industries Reactor Vessels , Valves etc. with foreign technical know-how.

BLINEX FILTER COAT PVT LTD has developed in 1978 for the first time in India launched the sintered porous plastics industry by developing polymer materials, a remarkable porous plastic filter for filtering of water, chemicals, air, controlled transfer of liquids also suitable for pneumatic air filter and silencer and Fluidized Sheets for Powder Fluidization .

Since Then we have applied our extensive material science, product design, and manufacturing expertise to designing unique custom product solutions that overcome complex project challenges and enable quicker product launches.

Since then, we've worked with companies around the world to create innovative solutions that overcame some of their most challenging design & engineering problems. Our expertise in material science and product development allows us to create prototypes that are engineered to perform to exacting customer specifications and expectations. Known for its innovative solutions, Blinex brings a wealth of experience to the design and manufacture of porous plastics

In 1998, we designed and developed the Membrane Diffuser and Aerator used for controlling the pollution in Waste Water and Effluent Treatment Plants ( ETP ).

In the year 1999, we introduced 7-StageTM Water Purifier; which is more effective than UV technology. It is based on the resin and membrane based technology of 21st Century NASA, USA.

has 4 Divisions, the Fluoropolymer / PTFE Coating , PTFE /FEP/ PFA /ETFE Linings Division, Porous Plastic Filtration Division and Domestic Purifier Division.