Porous Plastic Filter Balls
Blinex Porous Plastic Filter Balls has a strong adsorption capacity, is a light filter medium.

Bubble bead filter medium particulate filter (PP Porous plastic filter beads) is a polyproplene foam particles join the liquefied petroleum gas and made of beads shaped small white ball, porous developed large specific surface area, with strong absorption capacity, is a light filter

Bulk density 80-100kg/m3, porosity of about 50%.

Characteristics of product

Our porous plastic ball that is also called the filtrating porous ball is prepared by opening holes on the basis of the former inert alumina. Thus, there is the same bulk void volume as the inert ball.

Therefore, it can play the roles of covering or supporting the catalyst, and separating the gas and liquid.
At the same time, there is 20-30% pore volume of structure increased, which has the adsorbing capacity, so that it may be utilized to the impurities filtrating in the oil.

As there are such different patterns in the oil as the granular, gum forming, asphaltene, and heavy metals, though these impurities have been filtrated some through the raw material filtrating equipment, there are rather some of the impurities remained (such as <25 μm granular impurities and ferrous ions).

If the porous plastic filter ball is loaded on the top of the reactors, the impurities, which is still remained through the raw material filtrating equipment, can be adsorbed in its pores, therefore, the catalyst is protected and the under-stream period is guaranteed.

As the sorts, content, and particle sizes of the impurities in the raw materials within the hydrogenation and adsorption or drying are different among the hydrogen producing, customers can choose the porous ceramic ball according to the different pores diameter and the number of pores.

In addition, if it is needed, customers could load the active compositions as Mo, Ni, and Co etc., in order to protect the catalyst from carbon laydown, poisoning or agglutinating. Types and specifications

Our Porous Plastic Filter ball, there are are twelve diameter sizes:
Ø3,Ø6,Ø8,Ø10,Ø13,Ø16,Ø20,Ø25,Ø30,Ø38,Ø50, andØ75.

Further, we can also provide the product as customers required specification and shapes. Notice to ordering goods

Filter bead is a white ball filter material made of import polystyrene resin particle heated twice by high temperature. If it is covered above pressure integrated water purifier, after the raw water of 500mg/L turbidity flow through this foam plastic particles filters, yielding water turbidity is reduced to 5mg/L, achieved national drinking water level. This pressure pure water machine combining three process coagulate, clear and filtrate to a container. Due to its simple process flow, reliable equipment and direct supply of water tower and users, widely used in mini and medium water treatment equipment and inland river vessel water supply system in domestic. With high mechanical strength, density about 100 kg/m3 to 300kg/m3 .